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I have taken blood pressure pills for years but when I stated taking two Instaflex pills a day I stopped taking the blood pressure pills and just take the two Instaflex pills a day. I tried the one a day but my blood pressure came up or expired before 24 hrs so went back to the two a day regular ones. I have done this for two years and no side affects that I can tell. I just wonder why if... Read more

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I was charged $74.95 for 30 day trial. I had never seen in my requesting a sample that this would happen. I called and was told if I refused delivery I would not get a refund. This is totally Not a way to gain consumer confidence in a product. At this point even if it worked I would never buy or deal with this company. They want you to pay for the shipping back even though it is a scam to charge... Read more

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I agreed to test the 14 day trial period only and did not order or subscribe to any 30 day supply. It was never stated in the trial period that you would be charged for a 30 supply if you did not cancel after the 14 day trial period. This is false advertising. Please credit my credit card for the $74.98 30 day supply charge. I was charged on 02/04/2016 and I have not received any... Read more

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Hi, I have tried so many in the last 18 yrs and even made my own formulas. i had one where I used 42 different nutrients for the whole body. I use it like you use salt and pepper. I'm 87 and in good health except for my knees. i ruined them with 32 yrs of racquetball. At 70 yrs old i could not hardly walk 5 min without resting. Glucosamine & chondroitin with MSM got me doing much better. I tried... Read more

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i AM GOING TO TRY THIS ONE MORE TIME. Instaflex sent me a full bottle of the advanced pills and charged my credit card before the supposed time was up. I sent them an email telling them not to send me any more and how I could get my money back. Tuesday I received ANOTHER full bottle charging it to my credit account, Then I found a complaint web sight to Instaflex and found out that I was not... Read more

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I have bad hip joint pain, so when I saw the ad for Instaflex Advanced stating, "Relives Discomfort" "Improve Flexibility" "Joint Relief" in 7 Days" I decided to try it. The first day I took a pill, the joint pain was worse, the second day it was even worse and the third day I almost could not move. After that it slowly went back to the pain I had before I had taken Instaflex. I continued to... Read more

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This outfit finds more ways to keep trying to bill you than Carter's old pills. The product doesn't do anything on top of it all. We've tried and tried and tried to get them to stop billing. I've been forced to change, i.e., cancel the credit card, but that doesn't resolve the 3 months of charges at seventy eight plus dollars each month. I wish there was some one, some where, that a person... Read more

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  • Dec 27, 2015
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I wish people would learn to read. I hsd no trouble with the company and i use instaflex advanced and it really works. Add comment

I am 89 year. Instaflex said that I call them and order this product. Wish I know that I did not call. Well, the story is they keep sending this product and in there shipping there was no invoice. So there was way we could send it back or that there were billing my credit card. And when my caregiver was checking my credit card statement. Wish she was wondering what this charging were and call the... Read more

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100% FULL

Product came from U.S. NOT Canada = extra $41.00 duty on top of the credit card payment charge for the product payable at the time of delivery to your door. You are not informed about that extra charge (monthly!!). I was adamant about the total cost to me and was assured several times that all i payed ongoing was the cost of the instaflex itself. They give you 18 days to cancel, however the... Read more

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